Missed my shot (Bummer warning)

On Mobile Games and ADHD More Mental HeaLTH crud

Apparently this is a thing...I sing some of a song!

New Social media thing...apparently

Youtube Video: Combining Accounts

I need to combine my accounts but I don't know how.

Mental Health Roundup Part 1: Anxiety and Sertraline

Who the F@%$ is your audience?

Tired of ...what exactly

Sony took Spider-man and no one cared...sort of

For the love of GOD leave me a comment

So I had a week to myself and--I blew it

Come on Ohio

August 16th 2019

Procreate Disney inspired little mermaid from tutorial chibi

Mark Twain Poet

I sold a picture on REDBUBBLE!

Lion King Teaser Trailer Reaction video (2019) by Kyle Morgan AKA Poet M...

My OCD and YouTube Star Mr. Beast Needs Our Help!

Mr. Beast the YouTuber needs our HELP! 1 Million Views (for someone else)

Poetry of the Rock (Dwayne Johnson)