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20,000 words this week and other nonsense

I'm trying something new this week. Mostly because I managed to break a new personal record for words written in one day and I didn't even have dedicated time to write. I wrote in the morning, I wrote on my lunch hour, I wrote in the evening, and I wrote at night. I think that I clocked in somewhere around 5500 words--or 5,500 words if you prefer.

For today--Tuesday--the day was a little more complicated so I'm only sticking around 2,100 words as of right now.

This is probably a ridiculous goal, but I think that I'm going to shoot for 20,000 words this week. Yesterday 1,000 of those words were on a separate project that, in all likelihood, will never see the light of day. The other 4500, though, were for a project that I will probably self-publish under one of my pen names.

Anyways, I just thought that I would declare my goal for the internet.

One of the big reasons for my increase in output has to do with the fact that instead of writing for the last week or two, I…

New Year's Status

Here's a quick update on things that have been going on. I've been pretty silent on this blog lately. I have another secret blog that I made using another email address and creating a second email account: very sneaky eh? 
Anyways, I'm not going to tell you what that blog is. I've started publishing some things under a pen name. I have a domain and everything; I even paid extra to have GoDaddy keep it secret. 
I'm sure that you could figure out the pen name with a little effort. I'm not killing myself to hide it but I'd appreciate it if you didn't look. I am planning on releasing a few projects onto Amazon this year under my actual name: Kyle J Morgan -- or Kyle John Morgan.
I guess I should make that decision. 
At the same time, I've started a blog about my progress on learning to code. I haven't purchased a custom domain for that one yet; there's a link to it in the list of pages on this blog. If you have any interest in staying up to dat…