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Breaking News: Cleveland Renamed!

Breaking News:
Following the stunning success of the Cleveland Cavaliers a few months ago, the former city of Cleveland created an addendum on a recent ballot to change the name of the city to Believeland. However, this plan seems to have backfired because the ballot was accidentally created with a write is space for alternative naming options. 
As a result of a viral marketing campaign and low voter turn out the new name of the city, as determined by voters, is Cleveland McClevelandface.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

Essential reading on race relations

I've read some things recently that I wanted to share. I started to think of things that I could write that might add to the conversation but I feel like other people have already said it better than me. That is, most definitely a cop-out.

This topic may be a little outside the purview of this blog but I tend to think of this blog as a discussion on how to write, improve ourselves, and improve our lives.

Although, I'm sure that this has been discussed elsewhere too, I want to take a minnute to explain why the phrase, "all lives matter," is a problem right now.  Of course all live is precious but the point of the 'Black Lives Matter' movement is that we, as a society, are not currently acting like black lives matter.

Anyways here are some things that are worth reading; you may disagree with them but just read them and acknowledge the point of view of the "other side."

Someone shared this on Facebook this morning and I actually liked it before reading…