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Flash Non-Fiction Horror Challenge from Chuck W.

Here's the link to the original blog post that inspired this short little jaunt.

Unfortunately or fortunately I've never had anything that I would call a supernatural experience, beyond the obvious moments of deja vu or calling someone as they were thinking of me/dialing me.

I can think of several moments when I was freaked out thinking that someone terrifying would soon befall me.

I'm going to go with two moments; mostly because they are both very short.

It was the late eighties or early nineties and we had a regular baby sitter who was watching us late one night. It probably wasn't much past nine in reality but it was dark outside and in my mind it was Halloween season. We were sitting in the living room watching TV when we heard someone pound on the pocket widow between the bookshelves.

We looked up to see the hand or a face (Something skin colored) drop out of site…

Breaking News: Cleveland Renamed!

Breaking News:
Following the stunning success of the Cleveland Cavaliers a few months ago, the former city of Cleveland created an addendum on a recent ballot to change the name of the city to Believeland. However, this plan seems to have backfired because the ballot was accidentally created with a write is space for alternative naming options. 
As a result of a viral marketing campaign and low voter turn out the new name of the city, as determined by voters, is Cleveland McClevelandface.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

Essential reading on race relations

I've read some things recently that I wanted to share. I started to think of things that I could write that might add to the conversation but I feel like other people have already said it better than me. That is, most definitely a cop-out.

This topic may be a little outside the purview of this blog but I tend to think of this blog as a discussion on how to write, improve ourselves, and improve our lives.

Although, I'm sure that this has been discussed elsewhere too, I want to take a minnute to explain why the phrase, "all lives matter," is a problem right now.  Of course all live is precious but the point of the 'Black Lives Matter' movement is that we, as a society, are not currently acting like black lives matter.

Anyways here are some things that are worth reading; you may disagree with them but just read them and acknowledge the point of view of the "other side."

Someone shared this on Facebook this morning and I actually liked it before reading…

Symbolism Analysis in Jurassic Park

Symbolism in Jurassic Park

This is a really cool video on Vimeo. For anyone who thought that symbolism was the boring part of English class.

 I'm guilty of that English class thing myself.

Friday Podcast Reccomendation

I'm going to start having this as a regular entry. I listen to a lot of podcasts; most of the time I don't hear what the people are saying because I listen to them while I'm working. I just enjoy having the background noise.

Every once-in-awhile I hear something that's really cool come out of the ear buds. +

Today's podcast is kind of a hit or miss one that I've been checking out for a couple of weeks. Sometimes I don't listen to the whole thing but this week something was said that really stuck a chord with me.

Now, this is going to be a little touchy-feely but it really makes sense when you think about it.

The thing that was said was about our motivation to do things or accomplish things stems from out desire to feel something for ourselves. The revolutionary idea that isn't revolutionary at all is that we have the ability to feel that way about ourselves right now.

Often times if we are able to create a pos…

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

My wife and I subscribe to the Amazon kindle unlimited service and I wanted to share this book with you. I came across it the other day; I can't remember if it was on goodreads or Amazon but it has thousands of reviews. Since we do Kindle Unlimited I decided to give it a try, it didn't cost me anything.

It's a short book and I basically read the introduction before moving on to another book or something else that I had to do that day. It was about a week after that, that I decided to read a little more into it. I read about 15% more of the book and at that point I decided it was worth the other $1.99 to get the audiobook so that I could finish it as I went about my day.

I can't say that it's life changing yet but it's an incredibly positive message that has given me some tools that, I think, could be useful to anyone who tries them. It's in the Amazon categories for spirituality and happiness but it's pretty down to earth.

When I first drafted this lit…

I can do this

I've found this podcast recently and it's actually been pretty helpful in getting me back on the writing bandwagon. This post is specifically inspired by Episode 3 of that podcast which is called 'writing as self care.'

I've been putting off various writing projects for most of my life. It was only about three years ago that I was finally sure writing was the thing that I wanted to do, the thing that I wanted to practice with a purpose.

Acting, art, animation, screenwriting, filmmaking, and music have all been passing interests that I've bounced between over the years searching for a creative outlet; some of that bouncing, I've come to understand stems from severe anxiety that I've been dealing with for most of my life. It wasn't until I sought treatment for said anxiety that I was finally able to figure out how my mind wanted to express itself.

It was within a few months of beginning medication that I s…