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Where do writers come up with their ideas?

I still can't claim mastery of this topic but I've had some recent revelations that may help others. I've had writer's block of every kind for years. Most of it comes from the fact that I'm at a time in my life where I have very little time and whatever I do during that time feels like it has to be justified.

For years, I was drawn to every blog, article, or webinar that I could find on creativity and working through blocks. I was able to get some treatment for a bit of an anxiety problem that that helped quite a bit but I still struggled to stick with projects or to come up with anything that I felt was worth writing at all.

There are two things that I've done that, I feel, have allowed me to improve in this area of my writing:

1. I've started to read a lot more than I used to.

I'm up to around twenty-two books this year, though many of them have been audio, I'm pretty sure that this is a personal best for me. If I wasn't a grown-up with two ki…

Pumpkin patch picture

We did the pumpkin patch today!

Cracked Parenting Post

The link in this post is NSFW.

I've been toying with the idea of doing a weekly roundup for a while. I read things on Cracked the I often want to share but I don't because if people wanted to read fifty percent of the articles on the site like I do they would just read cracked.

My goal for this blog is to combine parenting and creative writing. I'm not really doing a bang up job at either of those things (or presenting them on this blog) but...I don't know where I was going with that.

Anyways, check out this cracked article on parenting in our modern age.

On giving up caffeine and bad parenting

I've done this before -- I'm not doing it now, and I'm not advising that it be done for any reason whatsoever.

I was with a casual group of coworkers the other day when one of them lamented on the ineffectiveness of her daily coffee intake. "What am I to do?" She asked with an italic i. I told her that the only way to revert back to effective caffeine use is to go cold turkey (I am not a doctor and do not take my random advice). She scoffed at the idea and assured me that she wouldn't be able to function without her daily coffee.

I further explained that I had done this before and you simply have to accept that, for at least a couple of days, you will probably be, not the best parent. Pick which days those will be and go for it. There was much laughter and people seemed to think it was all a big joke. One person said with obvious jest, "I'm sorry kids, I'm going to be a bad dad today."

I'm not always a great parent; just like in anything…