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When Rainbows Attack!

This is a short story that I wrote for fun.
As I stood in the hills overlooking the city, I watched the buildings crumble under the feet of the rainbow monsters. I couldn't help but reflect on my life choices that had lead me to this moment as well as many others like it. I looked over at Jim as he took the first puff of his second cigarette. Oh wait, I’m sorry, I forgot that he likes to be called Jas now, don’t remember why exactly, something to do with… Well, you don’t care about that. You, like most people, are focusing on the least interesting part of the story - the rainbow monsters. At least that’s the least interesting part of the story for me. I’m still really weirded out as to why he wants to be called Jas; isn't that a girl’s name? There were three of them though, the rainbow monsters. They were basically huge, translucent, multicolored arches, easily several hundred feet tall. Two huge, circular eyeballs sat on either side of an even larger mouth like some kind of a M…

New Podcast Writing Excuses

Okay so it isn't actually a new podcast but it's new to me. It is a podcast in which published authors discuss the craft and the business in a way to teach throes who would like to become authors.

The Authors Are:
Mary Robinette Kowal
Brandon Sanderson
Howard Taylor
Dan Wells
The podcast are all bite size at around fifteen to twenty minutes so it's a great thing to listen to on a commute or while picking up around the house.

So far I've listened to the most recent podcast, which as of now is 3 Pronged Character Development.

I also listened to one from back in May that was of particular interest to me. It was about short stories, the differences between writing them and novels, and how helpful they are in getting a publishing deal.
Writing Excuses Short Stories
Below, you'll find the link to where I found out about this podcast. It was an article written in May of last year so it may not be completely up to date, but it lists several other podcasts t…