New Social media thing...apparently

So, I guess this is a thing. 17 live AF

I guess it's like this but without the video games

It looks like it's a new live streaming platform that's trying to be a new platform for "influencers".

I downloaded it but I haven't tried it yet. The article that I linked to at the top is a Business Insider article about it so if you're interested, go up there and read more about it. If I try it, I'll let you know. 

Also from the Business Insider article:

  • The app, branded as 17 Media in Taiwan, has signed thousands of streamers worldwide to contracts, which gives them a way to make an income from livestreaming and grow their fanbase on their way to "making it big."
So, I've been on there...and it's weird. The most interesting feed that I found was a guy making dinner. He seemed really nice and I watched and chatted with him for a second while he cooked and chatted with the one or two other people in his room. 

I filled out the application to become a contracted streamer, which I assume is someone that gets paid to stream for them and for nobody else. I haven't heard back from them and I'm not really sure where I'm supposed to look for their reply. 

The other strange thing is that they seem to have contests for people to give money to the streamers so that the streamers can win more money. 

Most of the other streams that I clicked into were just someone sitting there...they were either reading or typing or staring into the camera. 

Maybe I'm just not the target demographic.