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Outlining vs. Plotting

Take Off Your Pants!: Outline Your Books for Faster, Better Writing
I bought this book last week and I wanted to share it with anyone who may stumble across my blog. I've read several books on writing and storytelling. Sometimes those books or articles will set me off with several writing ideas that I can't wait to jump on. These instructional writings usually offer fun tools that I haven't thought of or another way of looking at fiction that was new to me. 
This books is very short at around 90 kindle pages. The author does support herself with the sales of her fiction. You can find her website here
I'd recommend picking this book up because I found it to be helpful, inspirational, and it had useful tools for writing fiction. I'm looking forward to the second edition that the author mentions on her site.

One criticism is that the author references another writing book on which she seems to have relied pretty heavily. This point deserves a pass though because the…

May The 4th Be With You

Happy Star Wars Day

Story in Search history

This is another prompt from Chuck Wendig. I don't do all of his prompts but sometimes they can be fun. The writing challenge can be found here. This week he's going to be picking three winners and sending them a book that he's releasing soon.

I don't do all of his challenged but this one looks fun and is short. The parameters are to write a narrative with 6-10 search terms.

Search History:

giant bird bat April 4 Akron Ohio
giant eggs appearing overnight
Easter Dragon april fools
lizard species Ohio
Ohio Lizards two feet
can lizards breath fire?
dragons growth rate
real dragon slayers hire
how fast do dragons reproduce
how to survive in the dragon apocalypse

I wanted to use inconsistent grammar and capitalization because - ya know- search terms. I doubt that I think of grammar, punctuation and capitalization in search terms. Anyways. There it is - just for fun.

I'm Still Here and online journaling

I'm still here and writing. I've just started running into the same old stumbling blocks that I always do when I start a blog. After I was starting to make some progress I became really insecure about the stuff that I was writing and why did I need a blog anyways.

It's possible that I don't have the mindset that would give me something to post to a blog all the time. I guess that's really why I started this one up again though. I just keep putting so much pressure on anything that I write that it knocks me down to not writing anything.

I think that I am going to keep posting on here. Pushing through the many layers of self doubt and anxiety that keep me from writing on a regular basis and so that this isn't just some solely therapeutic thing for me I'll try to post a link or a piece of generally helpful information in case someone accidentally stumbles across this blog.

That last bit may hold up the publication of the blog posts a bit until I find somethin…