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This post might not be of great interest to a lot of people but I think that I've come up with a pretty solid group of projects.

I'm going to start doing some fanfiction work. Almost every author that I've heard interviewed recently said that when they got back into writing a lot they started writing fanfiction. I'm going to start a blog that's being written by a fictional character and I'm going to write some comic book crossover series that I'll publish on WattPad and

I'll be sure to announce the releases here so that you can go check them out. the blog is going but that only took five minutes. I'll announce it when the're actually something there to read.

On the 2000 to 10000

I keep reading and hearing about this book. I think that I may pick it up soon. It's only 99 cents so it couldn't hurt to give it a try.

I know that everything in it was originally available on the blog by the author but I guess that it's been updated and... again...It's only 99 cents.

Anyone else out there tried this one?

A couple of new podcasts

I've started listening to a couple of new podcasts that I wanted to let everyone know about. They are pretty new and interesting. It's a lot about kindle marketing, which is fine. I prefer I should be writing and Writing Excuses because they tend to have more about the actual writing process.

The first is The Writing Podcast

The Second is the Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing podcast

These can both be found in ITunes.