I need to combine my accounts but I don't know how.

I have several accounts over several social media sites.

I own multiple .coms too. I really need to focus down because I'm too divided amongst several of them.

yeah. like those studios

All of the advice on social media says that I need to pick one and run with that...but that hasn't worked for me. I can't seem to hold my focus on one activity for more than a few weeks.

illustrated here by Doug
My most successful social media presence was my relatively short-lived Instagram poetry account which hit around 900 followers before I got bored with it and moved onto the next shiny object because I didn't like the idea of being a poet and YouTube animation looked fun and I should make YouTube videos...See here and here!

I have around 500 followers on my SilverSurferFit account which suffered from its own sort of multiple personality disorder because I sort of started it as an Instagram fitness account with the hopes of getting a following so that I could leverage that into getting a role as the Silver Surfer in a Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie. 

Finally, I have my art/animation Instagram account that is dwindling under 300 followers. 

I legitimately don't know what to do. Because I'd like the YouTube Channel to be like the Odd1sOut because his content is solid and the same but he has a separate channel that he uses to post his random stuff. 

My poetmcpoetface account and my personal youtube seem to be the most random and the most popular. I assume that's because I post on them the most--because they are the most random. 

So, I'll have to push my personal YouTube account into a brand account which I'm going to put under PoetMcPoetface. And I'll link that to the PoetMcPoetface Facebook account because that has like 75 followers (it's the biggest facebook page). 

If anyone read this blog, I'd ask you what you thought. 

If, by chance, you do read this...let me know if you have any thoughts. Thanks! 


I really like this one!