Tired of ...what exactly

I know it's just my perspective and I have a lot of good things going on in my life but the greatest moments lately have to be...those in which I am not tired.

Yeah. Basically this.

I remember a Saturday, about two weeks ago when I had a lot of energy and just decided to go to the gym in the middle of the afternoon.

Man, that was a good time.

I think there was another time since then but it isn't as clear as that glorious Saturday, in which I was an effective person.

I think that was the result of eating a little better, blueberries, coffee, and the fact that I had been to the gym twice that week.

I want to do that again but...I feel like I should try and sleep.

The problem there is that I'm in that mode of zoning out on TV or my phone before bed, again.

I think I got back into the habit while the fam was out of town. I'm still getting over 7 and a half hours (approximately) per night but I'm still just wiped.

Something else that tired me out was a week or so ago, I did a 24 hour fast and once I ate dinner, breaking the fast, I was just done.

Anyways...I guess I know what I have to do, so...I just need to stay off my phone and go to the gym--which is closed this week.

Dang, it!