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Dank Memes: The Government controls everything!

It is possible that I won't publish this blog post. I have stopped responding to stuff like this on Facebook because...nobody cares. Nobody cares what I say on my blog either but this way nobody receives notifications about it. 
I think that this meme is about 10% true. I think that there are a lot of problems with our current society and if you look to hard into the big industry of food production an argument can be made that we those companies only want to keep us healthy enought to make it to fifty until our kids can start buying their addictive junk food. 
Woah. Sorry, I blacked out on my soap box there for a minute. 
Anyways. Yeah, you need to check with someone before you do most of this stuff, and most of the time the government entities in question are going to say, "yeah, fine, thanks for letting us know." But if you are going to sell me food, I want to know that you understand how refridgeration works.
I mean, I could just go through all of these but this is t…


I've been toying around with the idea or doing a comic strip.

It's mostly to scratch the itch to create something and to have that something show up a little bit more quickly than other things.