Essential reading on race relations

I've read some things recently that I wanted to share. I started to think of things that I could write that might add to the conversation but I feel like other people have already said it better than me. That is, most definitely a cop-out.

This topic may be a little outside the purview of this blog but I tend to think of this blog as a discussion on how to write, improve ourselves, and improve our lives.

Although, I'm sure that this has been discussed elsewhere too, I want to take a minnute to explain why the phrase, "all lives matter," is a problem right now.  Of course all live is precious but the point of the 'Black Lives Matter' movement is that we, as a society, are not currently acting like black lives matter.

Anyways here are some things that are worth reading; you may disagree with them but just read them and acknowledge the point of view of the "other side."

Someone shared this on Facebook this morning and I actually liked it before reading it. I think that liking it was the right choice though:
This image is from the article that is linked to above.

I read this a while back. It's from one of my favorite websites:

This last one has a lot of good information but is a little dry and you may find yourself nodding off a bit; give it a chance, though:

Please contact me if I have said anything incorrectly about the Black Lives Matter movement.