Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

My wife and I subscribe to the Amazon kindle unlimited service and I wanted to share this book with you. I came across it the other day; I can't remember if it was on goodreads or Amazon but it has thousands of reviews. Since we do Kindle Unlimited I decided to give it a try, it didn't cost me anything.

It's a short book and I basically read the introduction before moving on to another book or something else that I had to do that day. It was about a week after that, that I decided to read a little more into it. I read about 15% more of the book and at that point I decided it was worth the other $1.99 to get the audiobook so that I could finish it as I went about my day.

I can't say that it's life changing yet but it's an incredibly positive message that has given me some tools that, I think, could be useful to anyone who tries them. It's in the Amazon categories for spirituality and happiness but it's pretty down to earth.

When I first drafted this little recommendation I included one of the pieces of advice that the author advocates but, for some reason when I said it, it sounded silly. I think it works but I don't think that I'm the one to explain it to you. The main message has to do with easy to perform affirmations: these are things that are psychologically valid practices that therapists use in the treatment of numerous disorders.

If you have the means check it out. If you have KU it's a no brainer; give it a shot -- at least up to the 40% mark.

Let me know if you have any book recommendations for writing, anxiety, or parenting in the comments.


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