JAN 2023

 I've started journaling a bit lately; which led me to think that maybe I should start putting up random entries on my blog, too. I can probably use some of the journal entries but not all of them because I'm going to have that be a bit more on the private side. 

I don't know if it's really possible to have a truly private blog. It seems like a lot of work and it also seems like it would be pretty expensive to try and set that all up through WordPress...

Either way, I do have some new ideas and goals that I'm going to start working on but I'll cover some of those in later blog entries. For now, here's a short excerpt from today's journal:

"I’m almost 60 percent of the way through my book; at least, that’s my minimum goal for today. I’d really like to try and find something that’s a little bit shorter for my next read since this and The Fellowship of the Ring were both 600-page reads. I’m going to physically read The Bleak House by Charles Dickens this year but I think I’m going to try and tackle a couple of shorter works before I jump in there. There’s a Youtuber whose videos that I like that writes. His channel is mostly composed of videos about esoteric and philosophical ideas and I bought one of his books with some of my credits that I’ve earned from Christmas and Carly’s birthday shipping. I’ll probably read that soon too. I still have almost 20 bucks in credits, but I hesitate to use them on expensive books. I actually managed to get my current read, Cloud Cuckoo Land, off of one of the library websites and moved it onto my kindle

. "