I'm gonna keep posting again...at least for a little while

I'm going to start posting here again for a while. I think that they probably fake the several hundred hits that I get on this blog. There's nothing here and I only seem to get comments when I ask for comments. Even then, I don't get hundreds of comments. It's usually just 1 or 3. 

I'm working on a sort of stream-of-consciousness book; but don't get too excited. 

That picture up there is from Midjourney...it's one of those AI Artist programs. It's pretty fun most of the time. I paid for the highest level of membership so that I could really play around with it but apparently, I can't make any more high res images this month because I ran out of the ability to do that. 

It doesn't feel like it should say unlimited images if only some of the images are unlimited and you have to go way down in the fine print of an unrelated FAQ to see the answer that they wanted you to see. 

Sorry, that was a bit of a rant. This is just another, I'm still alive type of post...I'm 40 now though...Gawd!