This blog and some other stuff

 I'm always surprised when I come to this blog and see that at least one person looks at it most days. I hardly ever check up on it so I know that it isn't because of my own views (I never really was able to make the feature that excludes your own views). 

If you're reading this, I'd really appreciate it if you'd comment and tell me where you're coming here from. If you're someone that I know and you're just here stalking me, make a new account and comment...or just don't...whatever! 

Anyways, here I am again. Things have been rough lately, not just because of the pandemic but I feel a little like my brain is betraying me; more than usual, I mean. I've been thinking about reducing my Sertraline for a while now and I need to make an appointment to talk to someone about it. 

The thought behind this change is the result of a number of things going on in my life. Although, I still think that the anxiety from which I used to suffer is much better than it was before I was on the sertraline but I feel like I'm getting more and more depressed. I'm not going to go into too many details about how depressed I've been (I'm not ready to be that emotionally vulnerable yet). 

I just deleted like 4 paragraphs worth of writing that I didn't want to share with whoever the heck might be reading this. 

Primarily, I think that I'm having trouble focusing on things that I need to do and then switching that focus to other activities that I need to do. 

I'm going to make a bunch of small changes to help reduce this strain on my brain.

Right now, that means that I'm going to focus on writing a little more. And by writing, I mean that I'll be journaling, blogging, and spitting out things on Wattpad and maybe the new Kindle Vella thing. 

I've published things on Kindle before but I'm really hoping to publish things under my real name on Kindle Vella and then, if I enjoy them, I might pull that stuff off of there and publish them as stand-alone novels. I'm just trying to stay away from marketability and instead focusing on writing things that I enjoy and make me feel good and help me to cope with any challenges that I have in my day to day li