Star Wars Dark-Ride and Disney Advanced Animatronics video

I recently came across this video that talks about Disney audio-animatronics, and character effects. It's a pretty good video and I recommend that you check it out if you have an interest in this stuff.

If you share any of the same interests as me, you've probably already seen it but if not it's an interesting one. 

The reason that I wanted to share it was because it made me think of a dark ride that I would like to see made. I'm sure that this wouldn't happen, I don't even know where they'd put it (maybe in Tomorrowland by Star Tours).

Sorry, I need to get to the point. 

I'd like them to make a Dark Ride based on the original trilogy. It would sort of be like the Beauty and the beast ride in Tokyo (It would, in my mind, I mean). 

I just really want to go through the Millenium Falcon, or the Death Star, and the first scene that came to my mind was around or through Yoda's Hut on Dagobah. 

The Dagobah scene would have Animatronic Luke's, R2-D2s, and Yoda's using the latest A-1000 technology. I just think that would be relatively cheap and they could use one of the fancy trackless ride systems but I think you could just use Peter Pan's flight or Horizons ride vehicles for them. 

Anyways, that's my thought. 

You know, I could probably make this into a pretty solid vlog...maybe I'll try that. I'll keep you updated. 

Thanks for reading if you got this far.