I drew a fun shirt

 A few weeks ago, when I was solidly in my "I'm-gonna-draw-comic-books" phase, I had an idea that I would just spend a bunch of time on a single piece of art in procreate. And then I did that. In order to really get any benefit, I should probably do it again but now I don't know if I've lost the desire or if it just seems like too large of a problem. I don't actually have hours of time to spend on drawing things in the hopes that 5 people might buy them. 

Here's the piece on Amazon if you want to grab a shirt. Anything that you buy from that store would help me a little bit. 

I think that I need around 2 more sales to finally jump up to the next sales tier. I've bought two of these shirts and friends and family bought three others. I sold one that's still unaccounted for, but the odds that it's some stranger don't seem to be great. 

Like I said, I might try to do something like this later but we'll see. I'd really like to get out of the bottom rung of Merch by Amazon so that I can throw more stuff up there to sell but I don't really want to just rebuy that same shirt. 

In case you're interested, I set that price at $14.99 on their basic shirt and I make less than $1.50 per sale. 

When you just start on Merch by Amazon, you need to grow out of the tiers. Unlike Redbubble and TeePublic you can only upload a handful of designs and put those on a couple of products. The limit used to be 10 products total no matter how many designs you have, so you have to pick which designs you'd have to place on multiple products. Does that make sense? Comment down below if you have any questions about it and I can try and get back to you.

Not that I'm an expert, mind you. 

Anyways, go buy a shirt!