I don't think they're going to pick it up

 As of this writing, I don't think that Crypto.com is going to pick up my random dancing animation as an NFT. I know I didn't really give them enough time but let's call a spade a spade; it was a bit of a long shot. It isn't even a piece of art that I really like that much, I just made it to get some traction on TikTok. 

There are sites that I could use to make my own NFT but I think that costs at least 60 bucks per NFT and even then you are just one of the hundreds of thousands trying to cash in on the boom. Seems like there should be some kind of NFT Art Agent that you could submit to. Wait! I think that I just did that the other day. 

Ah well. 

I've started writing gibberish and nonsense and publishing it on Medium and on my Poetry Instagram. I enjoy gibberish. I sometimes will just listen to music of sit in a meeting and write down random words that occur to me or random words from whatever I'm listening to. 

I thought it looks a little creepy but my wife seems to think it looks a little artistic. I do find it to be very relaxing though. A lot like some of the other things in my life that I enjoy, I don't think that anyone is going to pay me to scribble on paper. The things that I've posted online have been typed on my phone or on my laptop and those are good fun but it's just a little less satisfying than scribbling on paper. I might try to do one in Procreate to see how that feels.