New Plan or ... something

Okay. So...

Here's what I'm thinking.

Sort of...

I'm sorry that I can't seem to help bouncing around from one project to the next -- and then back to old projects.

There's been more and more buzz about the Silver Surfer showing up in the MCU at some point in the next ten years.

Apparently, the current favorite for the role is Rami Malek. I'd link to an article but you could just google it. On second thought, I'd better link to something; I think that drives traffic, right?

What I'm now proposing is to start up my Youtube channel (check the link) again. This time, I'm going to have the focus be pop-culture and my fitness journey. I'm going to post a purpose video soon where I'll explain that I'm trying to get enough traction through my fitness journey to not only keep me on track but to potentially get some sort of guest spot on Mr. Beast's channel so that I can do some sort of challenge to get the attention of the Marvel brass.

And even if Rami gets the part, maybe there can be another part for me somewhere down the road. I mean, they are going to ramping up the Star Wars apparently.