Mr. Beast the YouTuber needs our HELP! 1 Million Views (for someone else)

Philanthropist YouTube Star needs help to get one of his older videos about 900,000 more views. 

This is from the website

I recently heard about a YouTube star or maybe a YouTube Goliath whose work I've seen before but I didn't really engage with or follow at the time. He was a guest on a recent Casey Neistat video. I'll post both the Casey Neistat video and the YouTube video that he made that I'm going to be talking about below.

His tag is Mr. Beast and his Channel can be found HERE:

MrBeast's channel is worth a look either way because he has 16 million subscribers and I think that I read somewhere that he has over a million views.

He seemed like a nice guy and, I know that there isn't much that I can do to help him so I thought that maybe I would try and direct more people to this video.

In the last few days, the numbers have been rising pretty steadily but I think that we can do better.

So, if you have a second, watch this forty-five-second video, or don't, just let it run in the background. But at 45 seconds, it shouldn't be too hard to get this one up to a million! That way he'll be able to help all of those poor Twitch streamers go to college or...whatever.

Here's the facebook page for the campaign but just go watch the video down there!

Check out the Casey Neistat video too. He seems like a really nice guy! 

Here's a Wikipedia entry if you want to learn more about him:

Here's a link to my channel and videos if you're interested; they aren't great!