I sold a picture on REDBUBBLE!

I think that I made my RedBubble.com account back in July of 2018 when I first got an IPad Pro. I drew and drew and took photos and drew and uploaded almost every day--for about two weeks and when I saw that nothing was coming of it, I got tired, and I switched my focus back to becoming the Silver Surfer whenever he joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe by starting up an Instagram Fitness/Acting account (I know, great idea, right?).

I started taking some pictures again, recently and I did some severe color edits before posting them to my Redbubble account again. I’m not sure exactly which of these activities pushed me in front of Mr. picture buyer but that’s what I’ve been doing.

I think this is actually the first time I’ve made money from, what I think are the result of my social media efforts! 

I’ve made some money publishing under a pen name on Kindle but I didn’t really promote that anywhere and anyways, that is a topic better left unsaid.

One of the pieces that I uploaded can be found here:

The Pretentious Fork

Honestly, I think that this was a piece born more out of frustration than anything else. I thought it was funny. I mean, it's a fork that is pretentious enough to believe that it is art! 😄 Classic! Am, I right?

Anyways, long story short...nothing sold...that is until yesterday...

When some angel from above swooped down, understood my creative genius and bought a cell phone cover with this very photo on the back! Or they just wanted something that nobody would understand so that they could be "different." 

Whatever the reason I made exactly: 

One dollar and twenty-five cents!

Okay, so I'm not rich and I hardly think that this sale is going to cascade into an internet phenomenon but, someone out there (maybe as a gag gift) is going to probably (at least once) put this picture that I took (and probably didn't edit) onto their phone!

So...I mean, that's cool!

If you want to check out my store to at least have a look around click here. You could just buy a sticker and that would be awesome! 

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