Workout successes this week

So, I've been trying a new fitness plan in order to increase the odds that Marvel will cast me as the Sentinal of the Skyways! (That's the Silver Surfer for you comic book laymen...laypersons)
My middle child helping me work out on Saturday!

I'm really just trying to work out for 30 minutes per day for five days a week along with an increase in the amount of broccoli and other vegetables in my diet.

Like everyone, I've been hearing about the benefits of 30 minutes of "strenuous" exercise per day or five days a week or three times per week for as long as I can remember. But other than, those treadmill or Bowflex commercials, I didn't hear any plans on how to work out for 30 minutes. So, like many, this lead me to running a lot; because that was something that you could time easily. Whenever I did go to the gym, it was inconsistent and I would usually end up moving from machine to machine for 45 - 90 minutes.

On Saturday, I did three 10 minute circuits of random exercises using things that I had around the garage(our home gym). The problem with that was that, I ended up taking approximately an hour to do all of those exercises followed by a shower.

On Sunday, I decided to try something different. I know that most of the success stories floating around online always have people working out for an hour or more every day; I never understood how that was possible for people with a family, a job, and a lower-middle-class budget. I had and still have a hard time finding or justifying 30 minutes per day for anything that would only benefit myself.

I got a little off-track...but anyways, as I was saying, on Sunday, I basically set alarm for about 34 minutes and then ran around working out as much as I could stand until the time was up. This seemed to go a lot better, I allowed myself to take breaks but still managed to feel like I was going to throw-up in the end.

On Monday, I was planning to get up and run at 6 A.M. but I slept past that alarm and then I was going to run in the evening but that didn't happen.

On Tuesday, I woke up early and (knowing that I would regret it) stayed awake. I eventually showered and was ready for work before the kids were up (or about the time that the first kid was up). I gave my oldest a bowl of cereal and access to a game on my phone and went out and did a circuit for about ten minutes. This included some sit-ups on my inverted bench, some dumbbell presses, some push-ups, and about 60 kettlebell swings (I mean The Bell Cosmic Swings, see what I did there). I finished that, came inside, and felt ill again but still didn't actually get sick. I had my shirt off when I was working out and I walked around with it unbuttoned that morning trying to cool down. I felt better eventually but I was a bit surprised how sick I felt even after taking a whole day off. That could be diet related but I'll discuss that in a later post.