Poetry Instagram and whatnot

I've started writing poetry and other stuff on Instagram. It's sort of fun. I feel a sort of obligation to shamefully admit that I, sort of, started doing it out of a sense of superiority against individuals who have found money and success on that site, also writing poetry. Their stuff doesn't even rhyme!

Yeah. I know poetry doesn't need to rhyme but the intention of poetry is to draw out an emotional response in the reader, I think. From that perspective, I was being a little unfair: these people are obviously connecting on an emotional level with millions of people and who am I to pass judgment?

Having said that, I've come across several poets and writers on Instagram whose work I can appreciate with relatively little effort. Like the old saying goes, "I don't know art, but I know what I like."

I've put some stuff up on the account. I don't think that it's very good or even any better than the works that I had privately criticized out of, most likely, jealousy, but I'm having fun with it and I think that's the point of social media.

I actually found a New Yorker article about an Instagram poet the other day. Click here to read it...if I can find it again.

Follow me on there if you want to...

Again, I need to reiterate, I'm not taking this too seriously; just having some fun with it.