Brainstorming and outlining with Pinterest

In case you haven't tried it. Pinterest can be very helpful when you are stuck on your plot. All that you need to do is try searching under various categories that sound like the genre in which you are interested in writing.

You should create a new board and probably keep it secret because--depending on what you're writing--anyone who follows you might think you've gone crazy. 

When I'm trying to create my storylines and I'm feeling a little stuck I use Pinterest to find images that could potentially reflect scenes that I want to include. Sometimes this takes the form of art of fantasy cities, while other times it takes the form of an emotive face or character.

Also if you haven't looked on Pinterest for writing advice, a lot of authors and hobbyists post articles from their blogs with images that they've found or created for this purpose. 

Below I'll include a link to the board that I've been adding to for the last few years whenever I find myself skimming the site. Let me know what your thoughts are on Pinterest. Do you find it helpful with your writing, parenting, exercising, or whatever?