Reducing Anxiety #2 You Are Not Your Anxiety

I know - this one sounds a little flowery but here me out. If you have a problem with anxiety, as discussed in the previous post, you need to separate yourself from it. It sometimes even helps to name it. You could name it Bob or something, or the ID or EGO (I know that's not what those terms actually mean).

For me, anyways, this has helped me in instances where I'm actively trying not to feel anxious, situations where I am feeling anxious about my anxiety (if you have an anxiety problem, you know what I'm talking about. In those instances, I often have trouble removing the feeling of anxiety with any other techniques that occasionally work. The only thing left to do is let it go.

I'll still feel the anxiety but I name it and basically acknowledge that this thing is doing this to me. It's not my fault that I'm anxious and I'm not doing it - it's bob that's doing it - that jerk.

As I said this helps a lot, mostly in situations where I'm trying to feel a certain way, or when I'm meditating, and I become anxious because I'm having trouble achieving the desired goal of the exercise.

Short one today. Hopefully this works for someone and helps you to get more rest so that you can be a better parent.

You can google 'name your anxiety' for more information; that's also where today's graphic comes from. Thanks Google Images.


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