On the Cafe Screaming Incident or (the post that no one asked for)

Another blog that I read commented on this and I just thought that I would throw in my two cents...not that you asked for it -- but this is my blog.

Anyways, if you haven't heard about it yet -- Hi, welcome to the internet: everyone's angry here. I'm going to keep this short and sweet; nobody in this story was having a good day.

Here's an actual dad blog with links if you need to catch up. I agree with that blogger. He thinks that the owner handled it poorly but that she has every right to treat people in her establishment any way that she pleases. He doesn't necessarily say that the parents are in the right either though.

The parents should have been a little more considerate and so should the owner of the diner. If the parent's really weren't feeding their child...I don't know maybe they had a reason for it. I can't tell you what's going on in their life and I wasn't there. Also I can't be too hard on either party because I'm not always perfect as a parent or a person, I'm just glad that the Internet hasn't been there to jump all over my mistakes yet.

The owner of the diner should have only communicated with the parents; I've never agreed with the argument that 'if it worked, I don't regret it.' That's a nice way to prevent growth as a person when an opportunity for growth presents itself.

My obligatory picture for this post. It's from here.
On the plus side I now know that Wikipedia has a pancake article because...of course it does.