Anxiety Reducer #1

I have suffered from anxiety for years; I'm 33. In that time I've tried a bunch of techniques that I was told would make me happy and healthy. Some of the things that I've tried are exercising, meditating, and thinking positively. Each of these activities produced positive results but I wasn't actually able to affect (is that the right one? I think so) real change in my life until I realized that my level of anxiety was beyond that of the general population.

I sought help and received it. This allowed me to attack my difficulties from a new perspective, I had a new baseline to shoot for.

This post is becoming a little heady but if you think you have a problem with anxiety or depression ask your friends or family if they have feelings like yours and if they do if they've received help. The fact that you took that online quiz to see if you had social anxiety disorder may be a cry for help. Just make an appointment with your family physician and you can go from there. Maybe you need a little medication, if you don't believe in staying on that medication, don't; but if it helps keep it as long as you need it. Your family and friends will thank you even if they don't realize what has changed about you.

If you're a parent, attacking this problem head on without any reservations will make you a better parent. I am pretty sure that it helped me.

I have learned a lot more about dealing with anxiety over the years and I'll continue to post on this topic. This post was actually supposed to be about mindfulness and the ability to separate yourself from your emotions but that will have to wait. Once I started writing I realized that it's important to realize that you may be more anxious than the general population.

I could also go on and on about how human's have evolved to be anxious and depressed but that will have to be it's own post too.

Have a good day! Good luck.
This is the photo for Anxiety from Wikipedia: I think it's some old psychiatrist guy. I didn't read the description; you can if you want

P.S. I did read the description. Apparently he looks anxious and that's why he's there.

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