Camp Nanowrimo 2015

FYI - Nanowrimo is internet slang for National Novel Writing Month.

So I'm trying Nanowrimo again. The actual Nanowrimo is in November but there's are nanowrimos that happen in April and July. Participants in these events can set whatever goals that they want to achieve.

A lot of the people who participate in these aren't shooting for the total 50,000 words. I am though - because I'm an idiot. I successfully hit my goal when I did the actual Nanowrimo in November 2014 and I came off of that victory feeling really good about my writing.

After that I think that I sat down to work on that crummy novel about 3 or 4 times for a grand total of around 55,000 words. I have to admit that I feel like I turned that victory into a failure. I don't feel as bad about that as I think that I would though. I can still work on that project. I have a lot of the plot figured out.

It is a terrible first draft (they are all supposed to be terrible right?). I do think that I learned a lot from it in the end.

I now know that I can actually write 50,000 words which is nice. It doesn't feel like an impossible task. I don't feel as good about writing 60,000 words which is the minimum in the publishing industry for an actual novel that isn't only published as an E-book.

I am still excited about my new goals for this blog but as of right this minute I am blogging to keep from working on my novel.

I tried something different this year. I was able to come up with a rough outline this time which for some reason actually seems to make the process more daunting. I'm excited about the fact that I actually have a villain and an ending.

In my last Nanowrimo I didn't really have an obvious villain even at 55,000 words. In my current one - which is a YA fantasy/horror - I introduced the main character and the villain in the first chapter.

I would really like to try and do something that's first person since it seems like a simpler way to write but having been raised on 80's and 90's action/horror/fantasy films I like to know how when my villain does terrible things that the hero might not know about.

Like this - the protagonists don't ever see how this guy dies. Incidentally this actor has an identical twin  - that's how they did the scene. 

Time to wrap it up. If you read this far. Thanks! I'm off off to plan out the scenes for today. Good luck with whatever you're working towards.

P.S. As a side I'll be blogging on here about my family life as well. An upcoming post will be about our process of deciding how to best educate our daughter. I'll also be doing some movie and book reviews.