My First Post and a couple of my favorite writing links

First off I'd like to apologize to the people who've come across this blog when there was nothing posted on it.

I have two kids and a wife who also works full-time. On top of that we have no daycare so the housework and kids take up a lot of free time for both of us. Anyways - here goes!

This is my first post on this blog. The purpose of this blog is to work on my writing and to promote myself.

I'll even share what I learn about writing and the writing industry along the way. I'm going to go to bed soon but I actually do have something that I can share that I've found to be incredibly helpful.

You can find some of my favorite links on my website I am in the process of linking this blog to that site but I haven't found a button that I can push to do that yet so it will have to wait.

I don't have any good photos for you so here's the bathroom wall at work. It's better not to ask why I have this picture.

My first favorite site is Absolute Write Water Cooler. These are the best forums that I have found on the internet. There is an incredible effort to keep the forums positive and constructive. When you post a question nobody will make you feel silly or stupid for asking that question.

There are many people on there who are published authors so check it out!

That is really my go to site but if you have questions about writing or just feel like reading some articles you can't go wrong with Writer's Digest. I don't want to recommend their site too much because part of me thinks that they are very much out to take money from aspiring writers - a very Leechish business model, I think.

I don't think that all of their editors or contributors ascribe to that philosophy though and there are a good bunch of free articles that you can read on their site. Here's a good list of some things to start with.

Feel free to comment or contact me if you have any questions. I am not a published author so I will mostly be pointing you to sites or articles that are created by people with more experience than myself. 

I do think that I'm a great person to talk about Writer's Block though and you can look forward to those posts in the future. I think that my writer's block was of the worst sort and I think that I can offer incredibly helpful advice on the topic. Advice that you can use as soon as you read it. 

I will also be talking about writing while overly busy with family and a full time job.

That's enough for today. If anyone has made it this far, you are one of the good ones. Thank you for reading this.