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I'm a freelance writer and aspiring novelist currently living in Salt Lake City. When I'm not battling the forces of apathy and indifference I'm spending time with my kids and family. Sleeping happens in fits and spurts. I'm hoping that changes in the next few years but the things that I've heard from people with older kids haven't been very encouraging about the sleep.

So, I'm learning to make the most of the time that I have to reach my goals and create the best possible life for my family.

Topics that you'll find on this blog include the following:

Making time to write or making the best use of your writing time,
Encouraging your regular writing habit,
Resources for writing practices and ideas,
Resources for balancing your writing with family and especially kids,
General Parenting,
Occasional reviews of any movies or books,
Articles about Disney (Travel, history, and storytelling),
Self Improvement for parents, writers, and people in general,
And of course, anything else that I think is cool enough to share on here (this could include new gadgets or programs that I've used or want to use, interesting news, and revelations about life, the universe, and everything).

Hope whatever you found on this page can be useful and doesn't waste your time.

Welcome to Jurassic Park!


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