Who the F@%$ is your audience?

I get this question all the time...


I would probably get this question all the time if I ever got comments on my blog--or emails--or if anyone talked to me...ever.

You've probably heard of the idea that you just need to find 1,000 true fans, which...yeah. A thousand fans would be nice but I think that -- I seem to have one.

And I don't know who they are!

Speaking of which, why the heck doesn't blogger support the em dash like everyone else does. I'm sure there's some secret code of keyboard shortcuts that I could hit in order to make it pop up there but I don't have time for that...

That aside is for all of you grammar nerds who keep reading my blog (right, like I have regular readers) and wondering why I'm using ellipses so often and so wrong. 

You know who you are!

Anyways, what was I saying? 

I don't know who my audience is...I'm really trying to write my blog now, for and about things that I want to blog about. I'm not going to be the next Pro-Blogger or whatever, and frankly--I don't want to be.

I think that it will be good to just type up some thoughts about some junk and see if anyone cares. Otherwise, blogging is supposed to make you a better writer--so, I'll give it a shot for that reason. I seem to have conveniently developed some anxiety around the idea of sitting down to my keyboard and writing fiction. 

This is my attempt to get around that, and sort of fulfilling some creative desire that is slowly driving me insane and forcing me to keep jumping from one project to another in the hopes of filling that hole in my personality and quitting my job after making all of the money...


To be clear, I don't think this is that life-changing project and I'm thinking that might be just what I need. 

Honestly, I wish more of my friends had a casual blog where they just sort of talked about crap that's on their minds. 

I think that we've all sort of had it with Facebook posts

Because there's rarely much truth there. The medium simply doesn't allow it. The people who I react to  (I.E. comment) on that platform the most are the ones that write up at least a few sentences to let me know what's going on in their lives. 

I suppose maybe this is another one of those statement-of-intent posts that I swore I wasn't going to do anymore but there it is. I think I'll schedule this one to pop up in the middle of the night...I think that my one fan will still read it anyways. 


Gosh, that's adorable